3. Demand for responsive institutions will create new markets for accountability.

Our findings: Enabled by technology, citizens are demanding greater transparency and responsiveness from corporations, government and other institutions — which very frequently seem caught off-guard. In a world where a WikiLeaks is around every corner, institutions will need more than just good PR; they’ll need new tools to fortify their credibility and maintain public trust.

The opportunity: Firms ready to tap into this new market already adhere to a “triple bottom line,” evaluating their success using metrics beyond profits. Smart firms already understand how important the element of trust is to their long-term viability. Such firms will be well-positioned to help repair trust in other institutions, whether they have been on the wrong track for a single quarter or a quarter century. They’ll do it not by throwing up walls around institutions’ secrets, but by crafting policies and practices that help all kinds of organizations remain transparent and accountable.