The stakes for 2023 are greater than today's industry metrics of gross revenues and profits per equity partner. Taken together, the seven opportunities we've identified represent a chance to build a legal industry that is radically more responsive to the demands of clients as well as society. With such potential at hand, today’s lawyers should use these principles to imagine the new value they can realize, not just for their firms, but for everyone. We invite you to join us in this pursuit.

Law 2023 was a year-long investigation convened and conducted by:

Akerman LLP
Andrew Smulian, chairman and CEO
Jason Bovis, CMO

Deborah Knupp, partner
Alycia Sutor, partner
Tasneem Goodman, partner

Jennifer Whittier, COO and chief relationship officer
Sam Shipley, co-COO and CIO

Corcoran Consulting
Tim Corcoran, principal

Freeborn & Peters
Michael Moynihan, co-managing partner
Ian Turvill, CMO

Hellerman Baretz Communications
John Hellerman, partner

One North Interactive
John Simpson, founder and CEO
Jen Bullett, managing director

Levenfeld Pearlstein (partner emeritus)
Bryan Schwartz, chairman
Angela Hickey, executive director

Law 2023 was developed and facilitated by:

Insight Labs
Jeff Leitner, founder and dean
Howell Malham Jr., co-founder and director
Andrew Benedict-Nelson, director

For a PDF of the seven principles we've identified, click here. You can reach us via email or via social media, through the Twitter and LinkedIn icons below.